About us

Ottilia Szabo,

creator of www.dyscalculine.com, has been a licensed diagnostitian, professional counsellor, therapist, and expert at numeracy disorder rehabilitation since 1988. She has worked with children suffering from dyscalculia for several years. She is a school teacher, seminar leader, tutor, mentor, and a speaker at both seminars and conferences. She has been working on exercise books to help children with dyscalculia since 2000. She has penned books titled Number to Number Vol. I and II., From Number to Number, Pocket Money, Workshop of Abacus, Time Flies. Some of these have become school textbooks. She  assists maths teachers. Since 2006, she has been the vice-chairman of a Budapest-based professional rehabilitation committee whose primary focus is to examine and assess the numeracy skills of children. In addition to helping adults with arithmetical ability issues, she is involved in teaching kindergarten, primary and secondary school children through her workshops, writings and publications.

Contact: szaboo@dyscalculine.com

Dorottya Nyeste,

co-ordinator, organiser and event planner of www.dyscalculine.com.

Contact: nyested@dyscalculine.com