About the Dyscalculine.com

What are the goals? What is the purpose of this website?

The number of special education needs children is high among young people. As a result of their disorder affecting their cognitive abilities, their grades decrease and they require special attention as they get personally affected and they affect their environment by their disorder at the same time. It is important for them to get diagnosed and receive help in kindergarten, and both inside and outside their school. There is a lack of literature, clinical assessment and means to apply therapy for dyscalculia not only in Hungary but also in the whole world. Our goal is to make ”evidence-based” materials that have been proven successful for many years accessible. Moreover, it is our goal to support healthcare professionals, educators and children with special needs.

Customisation, methods and unique ideas that we apply for educational purposes:

The primary purpose of this easy-to-use website is to transmit customised materials and exercises in an outstanding, transparent and quick manner with the principles of the post-modern pedagogical methods kept in mind in the making of the materials. We customise materials on two platforms: for institutions and for individuals. We offer counselling to educators, healthcare professionals, parents and the children themselves. We recommend the use of workbooks that have been on the market for years and were authored by the creator of the website along with the tools and cues (such as cards for visual help to do exercises) she has designed to ensure step-by-step development and thorough practice. Up-to-date information on the topic and on relevant publications/workbooks which are available on the market will be accessible on the website.

By using the online dyscalculia screener, it is possible to quickly identify what type of numeracy disorder one might have. In this modern era, professionals and students may receive help promptly due to this website being easily accessible to anyone.


More information: info@dyscalculine.com