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Select Dyscalculine workbooks based on the sample exercises and the description!
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The range and difficulty of the exercises may be selected and adjusted based on age and skillset (A = beginners’ level with easier exercises, B = intermediate level with moderately difficult exercises, C = advanced level with more difficult exercises). In order to help you select a package, a detailed description of the curriculum and sample exercises have been provided. The counting cards facilitate step-by-step, gradual improvement through visual support. We strive to promote the importance of getting tasks done independently and self-checking.

Sufficient practice is ensured by providing the opportunity to switch from one difficulty level to another level, and from one range of numbers to another (from one number to another).

Furthermore, there are additional exercises at each difficulty level which may be ordered for more practice.

Information will be updated from time to time as we are constantly expanding, renewing and reshaping the scope of the material.


Select from the following Dyscalculine packets:

·         Skill Improvement Packet

·         Counting to 5

·         Counting to 10

·         Counting to 20

·         Counting up to 50

·         Counting up to 100

·         Counting up to 200

·         Counting up to 1,000

·         Counting up to 10,000

·         Counting past a Million

·         Positive and Negative Numbers

·         Fractions

·         The Language of Mathematics